Queen’s Castle Mini MOC

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Making this Lego MOC was a lot of fun, it was the first time I attempted to make anything in the medieval theme. The curvature of the castle was fun to do and I think I might plan on making larger scale castle MOCs in the future. However, sometimes the small builds are the most fun because they take no time and you still get a large sense of accomplishment for making something cool!

I challenge you to make your own castle mini MOC if you are looking for inspiration. Castles are fun and easy because of the simple colour palate and endless possibilities. It’s always a good idea trying to build something new as well; stepping out of your building niche and trying something different can open up ideas for you that you never thought of before. Try experimenting with some techniques and see what happens!

Happy building




2 thoughts on “Queen’s Castle Mini MOC”

  1. You do bring up a great idea about taking time away from the daily grind and doing something completely different for a while. What a great idea and a nice site.
    Sometimes just taking a break from the hum drum and doing something like this building seems to be relaxing and rejuvenating. How nice.
    Are these little units available as a kit? It looks like something I want to try. Thanks for the site.

    • Lego is a hobby for all ages!

      Unfortunately no it’s not available as I designed it myself. But you bring up a good idea about creating sets for people to purchase!

      Thanks for the comment


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