Tiny House + Pickup Truck


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Ready for adventure?

This Lego tiny house is a small scale representation of the trending tiny houses that have become the new must-have in living accommodations. People are opting to lean away from large properties and over sized houses to smaller, more affordable and manageable ways of living.

The tiny house, although very small, offers all the usual amenities that your average house would, except everything is packed into a very small space. This Lego tiny house is quite the same, with everything you would expect to find in a house, including a kitchen, bedroom, dining room/living room area, bathroom, and outdoor balcony.

The model includes both the tiny house and pickup truck which both open up to place mini-figures inside! Supports for parking the tiny house, a BBQ, and more are all part of this fun-packed MOC!

Download your own instructions and add this modern tiny house to your Lego collection today!


  • Total Parts:  680
  • Estimated Parts Cost:  $118 ($88 USD)
  • Estimated Build Time:  1– 2 Hours
  • Mini-fig scale:  Yes
  • Stickers:   No


  • Includes American style pickup truck and tiny house
  • Hitch for towing the tiny house
  • Truck cab fits mini-figure
  • Supports in truck bed for parking tiny house
  • Full interior inside tiny house
  • BBQ on the balcony
  • Folding table and chairs
  • Includes kitchen, bedroom, living/dining room area, and bathroom


  • Mini-figure not included in XML parts list.


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