The Maple Shack – Modular-Compatible Residence


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This modular-compatible residence is characteristic of the architectural features of Canadian homes. It has a certain Canadian feel to the build. The interior features a full kitchen and dining area, a living room, a single bedroom, and a large master bathroom. The second floor also features an open balcony, accessible from the bedroom.

The bathroom features a unique glass patterned wall, with a full walk in shower and adjustable shower nozzle. The roof has two separate peaks creating an extremely unique modular-compatible roof design. This build will make a great addition to any Lego city layout.


  • Total Parts:   1557
  • Estimated Parts Cost:   $140 ($105 USD)
  • Dimensions:   16 x 32 Studs
  • Estimated Build Time:   3 – 4 Hours
  • Modular-Compatible:   Yes
  • Stickers:   No


  • 1 Bedroom
  • Master Bathroom With Walk in Shower
  • Second Floor Balcony
  • Fully Furnished Interior
  • Unique Double Peaked, Hinge-Style Roof
  • Studless Module Design


  • Due to a limitation in the LDD program, the roof needs one piece to be replaced when building in order to create a seamless peak. It has been noted within the instructions which piece needs to be replaced and with what.


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