Modular-Compatible Sandstone Apartment Building


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Simple, yet elegant, this modular-compatible apartment building will make an excellent addition to your city layout. With two apartment units each including their own balcony, grand front windows, and a uniquely designed rooftop, it’s both fun to build, and looks very realistic. At over 25 studs tall, it stands above most other modular-compatible buildings.


  • Total Parts:   1676
  • Estimated Parts Cost:   $240 ($185 USD)
  • Dimensions:   16 x 32 Studs
  • Estimated Build Time:   4 – 5 Hours
  • Modular-Compatible:   Yes
  • Stickers:   No


  • Sandstone Brick Exterior
  • Grand Front Windows
  • 2 Apartment Units
  • 2 Balconies
  • Unique Hinge-Style Roof
  • Raised First Floor
  • Tall Interior Ceilings
  • Industrial A/C Unit
  • Easy-Fit Module Connection System


  • Due to the hinge-style design of the roof, the shingles extend slightly past the edge of the base-plate. This means that this build cannot sit directly beside any modular-compatible building that is taller than 25 studs. However, this is quite tall for a modular building, so it shouldn’t be an issue in most cases.


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