Modular-Compatible Bookstore & Coffee Shop


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This modular-compatible bookstore and coffee shop uses unusual but complimentary colours to draw your attention without standing out over your other modular buildings. This build features a large open coffee shop with a slanted front entrance, and a quiet, cozy bookstore above. The interiors are packed full of appropriate detailing like the coffee makers, coffee tables, and bookshelves.


  • Total Parts:   1213
  • Estimated Parts Cost:   $150 ($115 USD)
  • Dimensions:   16 x 32 Studs
  • Estimated Build Time:   3 – 4 Hours
  • Modular-Compatible:   Yes
  • Stickers:   No


  • Coffee Shop on First Floor
  • Bookstore on Second Floor
  • Fully Decorated Interiors
  • Slanted Front Entrance
  • 2 Coffee Makers
  • Large Back Patio
  • Easy-Fit Module Connection System


  • This build uses 2 sticker pieces not available in LDD. To create the bookstore sign at the front of the building, use part #3068pb54 x2.


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