Luxury Town Car

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This luxury town car is a great build to add a touch of class to the streets of your city layout, or simply to add to your collection of model cars. Measuring 16 x 6 studs, it fits proportionately on a standard Lego city street. The custom white and grey dual-tone paint job can be customized to any colour you want. A great build for any car enthusiast!


  • Total Parts:   120
  • Estimated Parts Cost:   $9 ($7 USD)
  • Dimensions:   6 x 16 Studs
  • Estimated Build Time:   45 Minutes
  • Stickers:   No


  • Dual-Tone Paint Job
  • Black Tinted Windows
  • Chrome Twin-Pipe Exhaust
  • Chrome Front Grill
  • Steering Wheel and Seat
  • Luxury Class Design
  • Full Set of Headlights/Breaklights


  • Does not fit mini-figure.
  • FREE coupon code within the video below!

1 review for Luxury Town Car

  1. Bricklyn City

    “Luxury Town Car” indeed. What a fantastic simple car for minifigure enthusiasts alike. Your minifigures will be dying to get their hands on this simple yet elegant luxury town car. The instructions were simple to follow and the pieces were easy to gather in no time at all. I believe it took me a total of 30 minutes to complete this build (15min to gather the parts and 15min to put everything together). I definetly look forward to your future car builds.
    -JoshuaBrickz/ BricklynCity

    • Isaya

      Thank you very much for taking the time to review this MOC! I’m really glad you like it, and that the instructions were easy to follow.

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