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If you love story books, and you love Lego, then you’ll love this build! Featuring two fairy-tale story books stacked on top of one another, with a large, picture perfect apple tree reaching from the top cover. The apple tree has one large branch supporting a small wooden tree swing that fits a mini-figure. And of course there are a handful of animals, including a horse, a lap dog, and a mouse, because what’s a fairy-tale without a talking horse?

The build features many different building techniques that makes what looks like a simple build, actually a lot of fun to put together. Also, the pieces used in this design are quite common, and can most likely be found in your average Lego parts collection.


  • Total Parts:   523
  • Estimated Parts Cost:   $130 ($97 USD)
  • Dimensions of Book:  17 x 11 Studs
  • Estimated Build Time:  1– 2 Hours
  • Modular-Compatible:   No
  • Stickers:   No


  • Includes two fairy-tale books
  • Large picture perfect apple tree
  • Tree swing
  • Fairy-tale animals


  • Does not include the horse (No. 93083c01pb12) or mini-figure in building instructions or parts list.
  • Mouse is changed from part (35757c01pb01) to part (40234) for pricing and availability reasons.
  • The sand green book is done using pieces that are available and cheap on Bricklink.com.



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