Lego Park Module – Custom City Park

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When designing this Lego park module, I had one goal in mind; to add color to my city. A park seemed like an appropriate solution, and I knew it would be a fun build. The abstract nature of the design, meant I could be really creative, and unique. I’ll most likely build another park to incorporate into another part of the city later on down the road. Green space is important in my opinion, and I think this is an easy way to add that into any part of any modular city. First progress photo of the park module coming together In the first stages of designing this build, I was really thinking about the best layout to maximize the green space, while also adding in as many features as possible. After scratching a few ideas, I came up with a rough outline for everything I had space for. I wanted a fountain in the middle, to focus the attention, and also four trees around the outside, to add lots of color above the rest of the build. Two benches were all I could fit, but all that I really needed as well because of the small size of this park. Building the stone pathway was a nice change from the usual symmetrical techniques I use for my other modular builds. In hindsight, I probably would have liked to add at least one other color, to give the stonework some extra texture. Although, I’ll most likely end up building another park for my city once it gets larger, so I can potentially use that idea next time. I had also thought about the possibility of making a larger park modular, with a bunch of smaller modules that could be re-arranged in different ways to create different layouts when changing your city. A completely modular city would be a cake walk to re-orient if you get bored of your current design! Second progress photo of the Lego city park, now with grass and full trees without leaves After adding in the rest of the tree branches, I began working on the grass. I didn’t want to leave the green base-plate showing underneath, so I used the same technique for the grass as I did in the back yard of one of my earlier modular buildings. This time I added in lime green to really give it color, and also to save on my green and dark green pieces. I’m really pleased with the result, and will probably use the same technique for all the grass space in my city. It uses a lot of pieces to complete, but they aren’t expensive to buy, and it looks much better than leaving it bare. This technique for creating textured grass works well because of the wide range of greens. You can find everywhere from olive green, to lime green, to dark green to create grass for any build. In this build, I used green, dark green, and lime green to really make it stand out. Final stages of the building process, fountain and benches completed Even with the brightly colored grass, the flower beds make a great addition, bringing lots of much needed color to the build. It would be boring if the only colors were green and brown! Plus, with the new six-stemmed flower pieces, you can add twice as much color to the same amount of space. This really helps fill in any garden space, making it much more pleasing to the eye. With the light posts and fountain completed, it was time to add in the finishing touches! I was extremely pleased with how the build was coming along, and also terribly excited for my missing pieces to come in the mail! The only thing I was waiting for, was the package of translucent-blue round studs that would make up the water in the fountain. In the meantime, I worked on the tree leaves, again using different colors to add texture. Just like the grass, being as random, and non-symmetrical as possible makes the tree leaves look much more realistic. However, winter is here, and to be seasonal you could replace the grass with snow and leave the leaves bare! Give it a try for yourself, and add a Lego park module to your Lego city! It’s a great way to brighten up a dark corner of your city, or to simply add something different. Alternatively, download the building instructions for this module, and build one of your own! If you like this MOC, be sure to leave a comment below!   Happy building Isaya

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