LEGO Modular Mediterranean Restaurant and Bridal Shop – Collaboration Project with TD Bricks

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First of all, I am incredibly pleased to present to you my first collaboration project with another amazing Lego builder! We have both been working very closely to make this collaboration happen, and I am ecstatic that we finally have it finished.

But before we dive right into this build, I’d like to introduce Ty from TD Bricks, who was an amazing building partner for this project, and I’m really excited to work more with him in the future!

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All photo and video credit goes to TD Bricks, so thank you Ty for making this possible!

Bridal/Flower Shop – By Brickstogo

LEGO Bridal Shop MOCMy contribution to this collaboration is the blue and green bridal shop. I wanted to make the building as colourful as possible to support the theme of the build. The bright blue with white trim is perfect for bringing lots of light to the city street.

The building is composed of the main reception area on the main floor, and the flower shop on the second floor. A perfect one stop shop for two wedding essentials!

As I designed this modular on LDD and sent it to Ty to recreate, he was unable to come up with the exact same pieces that I had used. This led to a few small changes from the original design here and there, but he is a talented builder, and made the changes work very well!

Main Floor of LEGO Bridal Shop

One of the most notable changes is the alteration of the first floor from a wedding gown shop to a general reception area. Again, this was just due to a lack of a few key pieces, but I couldn’t be happier with the way he was able to make it work with the pieces he had on hand!

The only reason he was building these modular buildings and I wasn’t is because his parts collection is much larger than mine is at the moment. My pieces are all tied up in my Lego city, so building two buildings from scratch would have proved much more difficult for me than for Ty.

Being from different sides of the continent, we shared a mutual struggle of both communicating with each other at times that were convenient for us both. But despite this and several other difficulties that arose from collaborating from so far away, we were still able to create this awesome project together!

Second Floor of LEGO Bridal ShopThe second floor of this modular is filled from top to bottom with different flowers ready to fill any venue!  The bright green walls work very well to reinforce the natural tone of the shop, and brings out the colour of the flowers.

Because of the bright colours and many flowers used on this floor of the modular, I decided that I had to create an open concept roof that lets in lots of natural light.

After my third time re-building the roof the way I wanted it, I finally had something that I was pleased with, so I sent it off to Ty to get started! Which he did an amazing job building given its odd construction.

LEGO Bridal Shop Roof

The angle is created using a row of 1×2 vertical hinge bricks, fastened on their side using bricks with studs on the side. The peak is then made flush using a row of white cheese slopes.

The large windows, and open sides make this the perfect place to house a flower shop! Making a roof like this lets in lots of natural light, and makes the floor below much more visible and appealing!

All in all this build was a blast to design, and I can’t wait to work on another project like this one for my own city!


Mediterranean Restaurant – By TD Bricks

The other half of this collaboration project is designed by TD Bricks himself, and is an amazingly detailed and creative build.

LEGO Mediterranean Restaurant MOCAs a Mediterranean restaurant, the colours and exterior design tie in perfectly with the theme of the build. The black and gold trim were great choices to compliment the off blue and orange colours on the first and second floor.

You can really see Ty’s eye for detail with the gold trim around the doorway, the large wings mounted on the front, and the simplistic bench on the sidewalk.

It’s always the little details like these that bring the build to life, but it’s also important not to go overboard. Ty did a great job in this build finding a happy medium between a design that’s too simple and too busy. This would be a great modular to add to the city!

LEGO Restaurant Front Door

If we take a closer look at the front entrance to the restaurant, you can really see the resemblances to a realistic Mediterranean restaurant.

One of my favorite design features of this build is the large 9×9 pane window on the right, surrounded by the dark orange columns. This is not a common colour so I love seeing it put to good use in MOCs.

This build is very well constructed, but it doesn’t end with just the exterior, because there is also a full interior with loads of cool features!

The main floor consists of a few tables packed with minifigs enjoying a good meal. There’s also a front counter and a staircase in the corner leading to the second floor.

First Floor Lego Restaurant

If you notice in this photo, the rear wall of this modular detaches completely to reveal the interior of the moc. This is a great idea in order to display the work put into the rarely seen interior of the modular and is definitely something that I may try to implement into a few of my future modular builds.

My only criticism of this build is that the floor is not completely tiled off! As you probably know, I much prefer everything to be tiled off to remove that “Lego look” as much as possible, but not everyone feels that this is necessary which is completely fine.

I think tiling everything off, especially on the interior of the buildings may not be entirely necessary, but my Lego OCD is just put at ease when it is!

LEGO Kitchen

Moving upwards to the second floor brings us to the kitchen, where there is a fully array of kitchenware and appliances to create some delicious Mediterranean feasts!

There are several awesome details within this section of the modular, including my favorites; the large stainless-steel double door fridge, and the modern glass front oven/stove. Both of these details are extremely well designed, and make great additions to this build.

Within this kitchen there is also plenty of cupboard and counter-top space, including a large central island with a plate of food ready to be served. The small sink at the end of the counter is also of course necessary for a functioning kitchen.

LEGO Modular Restaurant Sections

Ty did a great job designing this modular, and I have to give him credit for making all of this possible. I’m extremely excited to see what’s in store for us next for our next collaboration project.

Don’t forget to check out TD Bricks on YouTube, he has an incredible channel with a ton of amazing LEGO MOCs.

If you have any suggestions about future builds or collaborations, we’d both love to hear from you!

Happy building!


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