What Is a Lego MOC – And Other Lego Definitions

Picture of a confused Lego kid wondering what a MOC is

MOC is an acronym that stands for “My Own Creation” and is commonly used among the Lego community to differentiate an individual or group project with an official Lego set. The Lego community often abbreviates to shorten the length of commonly used terms and phrases. Acronyms are not an uncommon thing for people to use … Read more

Lego VIP Points – Lego Rewards Program

Brickstogo standing in front of Lego VIP card

Become a Lego VIP! For those of you who are not already members with Lego and registered for the VIP program, I highly suggest heading over to LEGO and signing up. The Lego VIP program is a rewards program set up by the Lego team that works the same as any other typical rewards program; … Read more

About Brickstogo

What Is Brickstogo? Bricks-to-go.com is home to your daily Lego brick-fix. Brickstogo started as a Youtube channel that I created to post a video of a modular building that I had created. After returning from the dark ages after several years, I was keen to build more, and things got slightly carried away from there. … Read more