Best Places To Buy Lego Parts Online – Be An Informed Buyer

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If you have ever bought Lego for yourself, or for someone else, you know that it can get quite expensive. Lego is not a cheap toy, and for collectors it can start to cost a lot of money. With retired sets often doubling in price, buying used Lego becomes quite an investment for those looking to upgrade their collection. However, there are a few places and ways to buy Lego that are better than others, which are important for any Lego hobbyist to know. If you don’t know the best places to buy Lego parts online, find out here with this guide to the online Lego marketplace!

Buying Used Lego OnlineBulk Lego order organized by piece

If you’re looking to buy used Lego, there are a couple go-to sources to find the best deals and selection. First of all, there’s Bricklink, which is the leading marketplace for used Lego and Lego accessories. Bricklink is like the eBay of Lego, where you can find almost anything Lego has ever produced, plus lots of cool custom items and sets sold by individual Lego stores all over the world. If you haven’t already heard of Bricklink, I highly suggest you head over there and check out what amazing selection they have to offer.

Maybe you aren’t looking to buy specific sets and pieces, maybe you just want to grow your collection. If so, you can almost always find amazing bulk deals on Kijiji, or similar marketplace websites. Lots of people either don’t know the value of Lego, or simply don’t care enough to go through the process of finding a buyer and just want it gone. You can also quite often find complete Lego sets for extremely cheap, although buyers usually snatch up the best deals quickly, so finding great deals is hit and miss on these sites.

Know Your Prices – Don’t Be Fooled!

Learn to buy Lego pieces online at the cheapest priceAnother very important thing I’d like to mention, is to always be alert for overpriced items. As you will find good deals using Kijiji, you will also encounter jacked up prices from people just trying to make money. For this reason, I would suggest that you always avoid Amazon when looking to buy Lego. Although Amazon has one of the greatest selection and prices for products around the world, they are not known for their prices on Lego. I’ve witnessed Lego sets being sold for double, and even triple their original value even before they are retired from production. This is absurd and I caution everyone to, in the very least, be extremely cautious when making Lego purchases on Amazon.

If you’re not sure what the price of something is, and you want to find a credible source for the current price, check Bricklink. Bricklink is the most competitive Lego marketplace, which keeps prices as low as they can be. So if you can find Lego that’s cheaper than it is listed on Bricklink, then you know you’re getting a good deal. Another site to check of course, is the Lego Shop, where all prices for current Lego sets are posted. I often see current Lego sets being sold for outrageously heightened prices (like the ones on Amazon), and I don’t want you to fall victim to that.

The Lego ShopBest places to buy Lego bricks in bulk

Aside from buying used Lego, one of the best places to buy Lego parts online is the Lego shop. For current Lego sets, the best place to buy is straight from the Lego group themselves. Also, view the Pick-A-Brick page to buy brand new individual pieces, although selection is limited. They have great shipping rates and free shipping for purchases over $35, which let’s be honest, is not hard to spend on Lego! Also, signing up to become a VIP offers great benefits for no extra cost; including rewards points, exclusive VIP Lego sets, updates on promotional events, and notifications on upcoming double VIP point sales. It’s definitely worth checking out if you aren’t already signed up.

Another great reason for purchasing from the Lego shop, is the extraordinary customer service. If you have a problem with your order, or require assistance with anything from making a purchase, to building your model, the Lego customer support team is there to help. I have personally contacted Lego several times over the course of my life, and every time I’m always amazed by the speed, and quality of assistance they offer. They not only solve the issue at hand, but leave you with a smile on your face, and a reassurance in the company. The Lego customer service team is one of, if not the best support team out there, and I highly suggest getting in contact with them if any issues arise.

Be An Informed Buyer

Knowing your prices, and the best places to buy Lego parts online will help you save money, and build your Lego collection faster. Buying from Kijiji and similar marketplace websites often have amazing bulk deals, but are going to be hit and miss. There might also be overpriced offers that you’ll have to know how to spot, and then avoid. If you’re looking for new and current Lego sets and accessories, then visit the Lego shop and become a VIP!

The most important thing to remember when buying Lego, is that it does not depreciate in value if kept in good condition. Your Lego will last you your whole life, and is an investment that will not depreciate in value (in many cases it actually appreciates in value). Lego is a hobby for all ages that you can build, and re-build for your whole life!


Happy building!



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  1. Great information. It is definitely wise to know what you are dealing with so you don’t get caught up in the overpricing game. This can really happen to the new person just getting involved. This will be valuable information for those who want to start dealing with logos.

    • Well I hope this guide can help save you some money in the future if you’re ever in the market for some Lego. It’s a great hobby and I’m constantly interacting with Lego hobbyists of all ages. So it’s definitely a useful tool for everyone and anyone who is unfamiliar with standard prices.


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