Lego Star Wars – Scarif Stormtrooper

Lego scarif stormtrooper with custom display

After visiting the Lego store last month, I picked up a couple new lego star wars sets and received the promotional scarif trooper as well. It’s an amazingly detailed figure that comes with a display stand which can be attached to others collected along the way. However, I thought the official stand didn’t quite showcase … Read more

Lifetime Fitness – Climbing to Success

Lego indoor rock climbing wall MOC

Rock climbing is arguably one of the most physically demanding sports in the world, but is also an amazing tool for focusing your mind and disciplining yourself to push your limits. This Lego MOC represents the intense physical and mental boundaries climbers must overcome to push their bodies to heights they never though possible. I … Read more

Lego VIP Points – Lego Rewards Program

Brickstogo standing in front of Lego VIP card

Become a Lego VIP! For those of you who are not already members with Lego and registered for the VIP program, I highly suggest heading over to LEGO and signing up. The Lego VIP program is a rewards program set up by the Lego team that works the same as any other typical rewards program; … Read more

Queen’s Castle Mini MOC

Medieval castle Lego MOC

Making this Lego MOC was a lot of fun, it was the first time I attempted to make anything in the medieval theme. The curvature of the castle was fun to do and I think I might plan on making larger scale castle MOCs in the future. However, sometimes the small builds are the most … Read more

About Brickstogo

What Is Brickstogo? is home to your daily Lego brick-fix. Brickstogo started as a Youtube channel that I created to post a video of a modular building that I had created. After returning from the dark ages after several years, I was keen to build more, and things got slightly carried away from there. … Read more