What Is a Lego MOC – And Other Lego Definitions

Picture of a confused Lego kid wondering what a MOC is

MOC is an acronym that stands for “My Own Creation” and is commonly used among the Lego community to differentiate an individual or group project with an official Lego set. The Lego community often abbreviates to shorten the length of commonly used terms and phrases. Acronyms are not an uncommon thing for people to use … Read more

Lego Star Wars Custom Sets – Rockin’ Republic

Star Wars Lego rock band with Darth Vader on the mic

Lego mini-figure utensils and accessories have really taken a turn in the last few years. In particular, Lego musical instruments have become available from microphones (like the one Darth Vader is singing with), to electric and acoustic guitars, to saxophones and trumpets. These pieces offer so much more freedom in creativity by opening up really … Read more