Drinking Water Well – Lego MOC

Old Lego drinking water well with stone pathway

This old-fashioned Lego drinking water well was a result of some random tinkering with my beige and brown bricks. I was trying to create a circle (something rather challenging using square bricks), and wound up creating the base of this build. It was only after I had the circle finished, and after I rolled it … Read more

Lego House MOC – Bungalow

front view of Lego house MOC

This Lego house MOC was the first build I designed on the Lego Digital Designer program. It was a good way to learn how the program worked, and to get familiar with the parts available to use. The program will no longer be receiving parts updates to include newly released pieces, however, there are already … Read more

Green Screen Photography Kit – Lego MOC

Lego photographer taking green screen photo of a samurai

Photographing my Lego creations has become quite enjoyable for me, and I was motivated to create something to represent my new-found hobby. Having the ability to share my creations with the community is extremely motivational when coming up with new projects, and ideas. Feedback from other builders is very helpful, especially since the Lego community … Read more